Now You Can Make Your Video Stand Out From The Crowd Using Ultimate Collection Of
Video Graphics and Vector Character For Mazimizing Conversions and Profits!

  • Over 4,356+ Creative items in total (!)
  • Compatible with ANY video editor
  • Vector file ready, can be used for web & print project
  • FREE Developer license

Giant Video Kit is Perfectly Compatible With the Following Software :

Giant Video Kit - Biggest Video Graphics Bundle!

You want to make a PRO looking video, right?

You may have tried VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, and Easy Sketch Pro, or maybe you have tried more traditonal tools, such as Keynote or PowerPoint. It's cheaper and easier to make your own videos nowadays.

But the problem with those popular video software is : you'll only get the default template, which might already be used by thousands of people worldwide. and it's more likely that you won't find graphics or a character that you want or that are suitable for your business.

Of course, you can hire a designer to do your custom video graphics design, But you may already know that prices for a designer can cost you hundreds or even thousands for a single graphic. and the licenseing problem will make it even more stressful ...

You may also bought premium graphics
but you know that the price is kliing you

Therefore, we’ve made this product for you. We've personally created
more than 4,536+ creative items that you can use to complete your video projects, like a PRO!

Each graphics was drawn professionally in a highly popular niche. You can even mix and match the files to create an unlimited number of character.

And of course it's ready to integrate with VideoMakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro, Camtasia, Adobe Flash, or even Keynote and PowerPoint! Anything!

in short : we did all the hardwork for you, and now you can have everything you need to create beautiful and professional looking video faster than ever!


You'll get instant access to our Premium Video Graphics Kit, professionally drawn in highly popular niche, comes with .PNG and .SVG format and ready to integrate with VideoMakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro and Explaindio - as well as all the other standard video tools like camtasia, powerpoint, keynote and more!

here’s what you get :


Save BIG On Video Assets!

When it comes to getting assets for your projects, bundles are a great way to go. When you buy a bundle, you can save literally $100's or $1,000's of dollars, compared to paying one by one for each asset.

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Giant Video Kit - Biggest Video Graphics Bundle!


Q: Whats included with the package?
A: Each modules packed with all PSD or EPS file, PNG file and SVG file

Q: Is there any OTO(s)?
A: Yes, there is an upgrade version of Giant Video Kit. For the OTO You'll get more AMAZING vector graphics and templates for your whiteboard and animation video PLUS huge Video Assets ready for your video.

Q : Where is the colored Female / woman character? I only see the whiteboard version
A : It’s Available at the OTO. We have colored version of female character there, plus brand new whiteboard version of male character :)

Q : Do i need other software to run Giant Video Kit?
A : Yes, as explained above, you’ll need additional tool such as explaindio, easy sketch pro or video maker fx. You can use other software like camtasia, powerpoint, keynote or any other video editor software :)

To your continued success,

your license :
[YES] Unlimited web projects
[YES] Unlimited video projects
[YES] Unlimited client projects
[YES] Unlimited domains you own
[YES] Unlimited client domains